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We are Angie Counios and David Gane, from Regina, Saskatchewan. Collectively we are the writing team of Counios and Gane.

We've been writing stories together since 2008 and are the authors of the Shepherd and Wolfe series, a set of fun and exciting books with two teenage boys who chase after serial killers and drug dealers—a modern-day Hardy Boys duo.

Partners in Writing Crime

Our first book, Along Comes a Wolfea 2017 Saskatchewan Book Awards finalist—is about a high school student, Tony Shepherd, joins forces with a wise-ass troublemaker named Charlie Wolfe to find Tony’s missing girlfriend.

Our newest book, Shepherd’s Watch, has Charlie arriving at Tony’s cabin after a local man goes missing. Of course, they uncover a whole lot more than they expect, which gets them into serious trouble.

If you are reading this...

Maybe you are one of our readers—maybe a parent or a teen—or someone who likes an entertaining read.

We try to make this blog a place for everyone. We write about our books and sometimes the process of writing, but we also share our struggles.

We believe life can be sometimes a messy place, so we share about working together, being productive, being healthy, being creative, and trying to make sense of it all.

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David is a stay-at-home dad and teaches screenwriting.

He mainly writes fiction and film scripts, but he's also worked on poetry, plays, and academic film reviews. You can find his individual work here.

When he's not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, playing board games, running, exercising, reading, watching movies, and dreaming of the family's next trip.

Angie is a storyteller. This comes in the form of teacher, writer, and visual artist.

By day, she teaches visual art and theatre at a local high school. At night (and any other time allotted), she works on short (autobiographical) stories, film scripts and currently a novel with her talented writing partner and brother-in-law, David.

When not teaching or writing Angie's often packing a suitcase for a trip or unpacking it from a return. She may be filling her backpack for a road trip camping adventure or running around a near by park. She is constantly creating goal lists and loves checking and completing them. She paints and plays with a camera to stretch parts of her brain and practices yoga to stretch her body.

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Last updated: March 2017