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A long time ago, when Angie and I were first starting out, we knew we always wanted to give back. We had a vision of building our writing into a sustainable business that would pay for itself, pay for us, and at some point, help others.

Well, the writing business is taking its sweet-ass time to build—especially with the independent path that Angie and I have chosen for the time being. However, that didn't stop Angie and my wife (our secret taskmaster) to begin doing something for others now.

This Christmas, they set up a goodwill program where we donated $1.00 from every book sale to a local youth charity, Street Culture. We've seen some good success with this goal—but we've decided not to stop.

So, we are announcing today that from now every book that is bought through our store will send $1 donation to a charity. For now, we're going to continue working with Street Culture but we'd like to also spread the love around to other organizations.

Let's recap. If you buy a copy of our book from our online store, you get:

  • A signed copy of any/all of our books.
  • A hell of a fun read about teenage boys chasing serial killers.
  • A good feeling in your heart that you helped make this world a little nicer.

From all of us at Counios & Gane, thank you for your continued support.