A fast, fun read

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A fast, fun read

We like short chapters, and our readers seem to as well! We love hearing from reluctant readers and those who binge-read our books, eager for the next one.

These are the perfect books for moms and dads, teenagers or young adults, or anyone seeking an enjoyable, engaging, and exciting mystery series.

Designed in Saskatchewan, Printed in Canada

We proudly work with Heather Nickel of Your Nickel's Worth Publishing who edits, designs, and publishes our books. And Friesens Printer is committed to the craft of building amazing books with you in mind.

Internationally-Award Winning

Wolfe in Shepherd's Clothing

Shepherd's Watch

Along Comes a Wolfe


That means "without digital rights management." Once you buy our e-books, you get to share them with whomever you want. So give us to your friends and family. We know they'll love you for it.

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Be Prepared

Everyone loves a mystery, but as a parent, educator, librarian, or even as an impressionable reader yourself, no one wants to encounter any unpleasant surprises.

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