The New Book is Almost Here

No, this isn’t a joke. We’ve seen it. We promise.

 Photo by Matias North
Photo by Matias North


We. Are. So. Close.

As sure as spring is coming and the glacial ice fields in our yards are melting, Shepherd's Call is almost here.

David, Heather, and I met to go over edits for the new book, and this collective editing process reminded me that if two heads are better than one, then three heads are outstanding!

We clipped along at an impressive pace, hitting every edit and comment. We worked through changes and attempted to recall why we made a choice or why it was better. We added our own personal shout-outs to films and books. And we laughed, teased, and sang each other’s praises when wording was awesome or a character moment was so great.

It’s been a while since our last book came out, and these meetings have reminded me of the polish, the excitement, and the anticipation of bringing a new book into the world.

I can’t wait.


We’ve seen the final version of the book, I promise.

Not a physical copy, but a PDF with the pages laid out in their final form.

The total count is 448 pages, including the copyright, the dedication, the acknowledgements, and our bios. It is our smallest book of the series, but it is also one of our tightest.

Personally, after reading and writing and tweaking it dozens of times, I still get caught up in its emotional rollercoaster—so I think you will too.

Shepherd’s Call is very much a real thing, and once it receives its final proofread, it will head off to the printer. That process will take about 6-7 weeks, and then it’ll be shipped to us and ready to sell to you.

We plan to set up a pre-order page on the website soon, so we’ll send you another email in the next few weeks to announce that. And we also plan to offer early access to members before release as well.

I will say it over and over again but thank you for being patient. I know this took us a while, but we really think it was worth the wait.

Over the years, you’ve had a lot of questions about Charlie, and we left you with a doozy of a cliffhanger. We promise that your answers are coming very very soon.

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey.