6 Bakeries Our Characters Would Love

Some of the best bakeries we think Tony and Charlie would love.

6 Bakeries Our Characters Would Love
Photo by Katherine Sousa on Unsplash

Tony Shepherd and Charlie Wolfe, the detective duo from our Shepherd and Wolfe YA mystery series, have an insatiable love for a good donut. Whether a classic glazed or an adventurous new flavour, their choice of baked goods always adds a sweet touch to their thrilling escapades. 

Inspired by their culinary tastes, we thought sharing some of the best bakeries we think Tony and Charlie would love would be fun.


  1. The Green Spot, Regina: This place is famous for their gooey, buttery, caramelized cinnamon buns—and I think the entire Shepherd clan would agree. But stay on your toes: they’re good at upselling you there. You may go in for one and walk out with half a dozen.
  2. Bronuts & Coffee, Winnipeg: This little donut shop in the Exchange District is undoubtedly a place Tony and Charlie might visit😉. The neighbourhood is fun and funky (cool flyers for art shows and music gigs papered an alley nearby), and the owners change up the flavours regularly. I enjoyed the crème brûlée and this month, they have turtle cheesecake, strawberry pop-tarts, matcha s’mores and many more sweet treats.
  3. Life is Sweet, Toronto: Charlie is about rooting for the little guy, so he’d love this independent bakery. The owner makes delicious, beautiful cupcakes with simple and clean ingredients—something a Shepherd organic hemp seed muffin can’t come close to competing with! And although it’s a place of sugary goodness, it also sells local artisan products.


  1. Everyday Kitchen, Regina: I’m beginning my list with a place close to the boy’s home—including my own! I don’t doubt Charlie’s been here and dragged Tony with him. The coffee is always good, and you can't go wrong with donut flavours like lemon meringue, snickers, and apple fritter.
  2. Wadena Bakery, Wadena: This place would be where Shepherd and Wolfe would stop on the way to Tony’s family cabin up north. It’s well-known for one main reason: their Boston Creams—and they’re worth the detour.
  3. Lee’s Donuts, Granville Island, BC: If you’ve read either Wolfe in Shepherd’s Clothing, you know Charlie has a reason to head out to the West Coast. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t visit this donut shop at one of its many locations. With a combination of yeast and cake doughnuts, it’s a treasure trove of tasty treats.

Do you know any delicious donut shops or bakeries we should know about? Please share them in the comments below.