A Flurry of Craft Markets in the Holiday Season

A Flurry of Craft Markets in the Holiday Season


The holidays are approaching, and we’re selling our books at three craft markets over the next few weeks.

Next to writing stories, getting out and meeting readers is one of our favorite things. We like talking and learning about the stories everyone is reading, and when a fan of our books comes around, we love hearing from them.

It can also be exhausting: it’s a six- to eight-hour stretch of being “on” and present. I try to sneak food in the quiet times—but I usually have a mouthful when someone comes by. Also, we haven’t had many markets since the spring, so the following four dates feel like a lot—but in a “grateful for the opportunity” sort of way.

So if you can visit, come by. We love seeing you, and it always makes the day go by so much quicker when we’re busy. I hope to see you out there.


This season brings snow, traditions, decorating, eating, and gift-giving. It also brings craft markets for local folks who’ve worked all year to proudly display their beautiful creations and sell their precious handcrafted products. And that includes us.

The moment feels so good when a person stops at our table to purchase a book they think is worthy enough to pass on to someone they love. Is there a greater compliment? I don’t think so.

On that note, I’ve been chanting the “buy local” or “support artists” mantra, reminding people that a purchase from a local artisan, craftsperson, or writer 😉 has a huge impact on our livelihood. With each sale and each book signed, I feel immense gratitude for one more reader and fellow book lover.

I like attending these events as a seller—decorating our table and filling it with our books. The atmosphere is seasonal. The vendors decorate their booths in festive detailing. There is the smell of food. Music plays, bells jingle, and lights twinkle. Sometimes, even Santa arrives. There’s an overall vibe of cheer. The events always feel festive and jolly—a nice way to enter the holidays and it always puts me in the Christmas spirit.

Although the next few weeks will be busy, we’re incredibly blessed to have all these opportunities. If you attend any of our events, please stop by for a season’s greeting.

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey.