Early Mornings

Early Mornings


When the new year struck, I was in a different time zone, 1300 km from home. It was unexpected and made aspects of my life challenging—including my writing dynamic with Angie.

Before this happened, we’d meet at 7 am and work for half an hour on the final book. But now that I’m in a different time zone, I’m dragging myself out of bed around 4–4:30 am to get some coffee inside me before we FaceTime. And I won’t lie—the schedule is starting to wear me down.

Some mornings, I don’t care how Tony and Charlie get themselves out of their current problem or if they’ll ever get to the bottom of their final mystery. Sometimes, I’d like to hit the snooze bar and let someone else figure it out.

Of course, I’m going to continue showing up. There are many more challenging jobs out there, and I feel fortunate that my strange little career has allowed me the flexibility to be in another province unexpectedly and on a moment’s notice.

If anything, this is a testament to what we can do. Ideally, we’d love to travel and live in different time zones more regularly. Perhaps this is just our test for things to come. 😁 👍


David hates DPDAs (digital public displays of affection). I think he thinks they’re awkward and, well, they can be, but I don’t care: David is a straight-up solid rock star when it comes to our writing team.

I’m not a morning person, but I get up at 5:55 am every day. I keep the lights off and do twenty minutes of meditation and prayer, and then I limber up and remind my brain it has a body with ten minutes of yoga. I get showered and dressed, and just as I finish up, David checks in to see if I’m ready for FaceTime.

It’s 7:00. It’s still way too early for me. But you know what’s earlier? Dave’s time zone. He’s two time zones away at the moment, which means it’s 5:00 am where he is. Ugh. I can’t even imagine, and I have a pretty fabulous imagination.

This commitment to our meetings says a lot about David being really (like really really) committed to working on Wolfe’s Blood. I am so grateful for him and his desire to keep on keeping on. Writing a book can be a slog some days—and writing the fifth book in a series even more so. But choosing that instead of sleeping shows what our team is all about.

(I hope David doesn’t delete this gushy post because I’m grateful, and it’s all true. Please, Dave, don’t delete this.)

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey.