Gratitude and Hope

Gratitude and Hope


In these newsletters, we often talk about ourselves and sometimes about our editor/publisher, Heather. Still, we rarely talk about the friends and family who offer guidance and service to our little business.

When we publish a book, we acknowledge those who help, but there are several who donate their time and patience with our questions about business, law, and social media. If we didn't have people like Ashlee, Anna, or Kevin, we'd be lost in anything non-story related.

But also, there are those of you who come to our markets. We always appreciate it when you purchase our books and encourage others to support us. Your kindness and generosity of time and money mean a lot. And even if you don't buy from us, your support of local craftspeople and businesses helps our tiny community thrive.

We're hopeful for the new year—the completion of our series, the beginnings of a new book, and new directions with our business and social media—and we couldn't do it without all of your support.

Thank you, and have a great new year!


Generally speaking, I am a superstitious person, but my traditions are amplified around the New Year. I'm not apologizing—I believe there's something about the shift into a new beginning that affects us all.

It's a time of leaving behind what didn't work and what is unnecessary and moving toward what did. It's a bit of an existential housecleaning for me, but it's also a pleasure moving forward with excitement into another year and another endeavour.

David and I are working on the last book in our Shepherd and Wolfe Mystery series, Wolfe's Blood, which will be out in 2024. With the completion of this book, I am so excited to start a completely new project with him—to see where we will go with our ideas and creativity and where our brains will meander.

Building a story is one of the most creative parts of writing and an exploration I love. So, as we open the door to a new year and another book, I'm also buzzing with the hope that 2024 will lead us down another gorgeous path of publication.

Blessings and Happy New Year to all our readers and especially to my writing partner, whom I appreciate more than I tell him.

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey.