Spring is here (almost)

We’re excited (and hopeful) for what this season will bring.

Spring is here (almost)


Spring is officially here on the calendar—but not outside. There is no springtime apparel, no puddle jumping quite yet, no green growth poking up.

And I’m growing impatient.

I shouldn’t be this way. We had a milder-than-normal prairie winter, with far less snowfall than usual, but I can’t wait for Mother Nature to move things along.

I feel the same way about our writing.

We’ve worked consistently throughout the winter and just finished the story draft of Wolfe’s Blood, but we still have a way to go.

Sometimes I want to yell, “Come on, already!”

I’ll be happy to be done but sad to say goodbye to our series. I’m also curious to see what our fans think of our next creative adventure—and I’m hopeful we’ll find a whole new schwak of readers along the way.

So, I have to be patient. I need to keep working and have faith. Like the springtime, I know it’ll arrive eventually.

It’s never let me down yet.


Unlike Angie, I’m in full spring mode. I’ve been out west for the past three months, where the weather is warm, and the world is alive. Cherry blossoms are blooming, leaf buds are opening, and the birds are singing.

(I’m in for a shock when I finally return home next week.)

On the outside, it feels like we’re also returning to life this spring. We’ve got several markets scheduled throughout the year, beginning with the Cathedral Art Festival in Regina and some places we’ve never visited. We’re very excited.

But as Angie mentioned, we haven’t been entirely dormant through winter. We’ve been working hard on our next book and planning how to keep doing what we love. If anything, spring allows us to pop our heads up and remind you we are still here before we get back to writing.

So as the weather gets warmer—wherever you live—hopefully, you can get outside and enjoy it. Don’t forget to stop by and say hello if you see us!

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey.