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Summer Writing and Reading

David Gane Angie Counios
David Gane / Angie Counios
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Most people love to read in the summertime—by the beach, at the cabin, or in a hammock. I am horrible at it. I either get restless and hang out in the water, sit by the firepit—or fall asleep the moment I relax with a book.

Summer writing, on the other hand, is the best.

I love waking early and getting to work. The sun has risen, and the day is warm, so I can finish a solid couple of hours of work. Then, feeling accomplished, I spend the rest of the day enjoying the outside. Walks, hikes, and bike rides all allow me time to prepare myself for the work to come the next day.

I may not be a summer reader, but I'm a summer writer and wouldn't have it any other way.


Summer IS my season. Being a teacher and not working in the classroom for those seven weeks only amplifies my love for this season. I embrace those extra eight hours to do whatever I want with them.

Summer reading has become a pleasurable activity because of this extra time. It's a relaxing uninterrupted task which I love. A long time ago, a colleague described sitting under an umbrella with an excellent book and a pitcher of margaritas. He said it was heaven. I was around 27. He was in his 50s. I didn't get it thoroughly then, but I do now.

Summertime writing also offers the same pleasure to me. I can just write whenever I want at any point in the day without interruption. I am as productive during the summer as the rest of the year. It's just a nicer way to write, focusing on writing and not having to split my attention between teaching and story.

Because I travel, I have really nice memories of where and when parts of the stories I have written were created, and it's a sweet feeling.

So, basically, summer, I love you for the time you give me to do the things I love.

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We will be attending the CM Book Fair.
Saturday, June 10
10:00 - 5:00 p.m.
The Hungarian Club
1925 McAra Street, Regina

See you there!

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey.

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