The Fast and Slow of It

Our Newsletter for March 2024

The Fast and Slow of It


I can’t believe it is March, and we’re still working on Wolfe’s Blood.

It’s been almost two years since the last one came out, and we haven’t announced any release date for our final book of the series except a vague “We think this year… 🤞🤷‍♂️”

I hoped we’d be done months ago, but every day is another (slow) step forward. I’m happy with our progress, but I wish it could happen faster.

Just the other day, Angie and I had a great meeting where we figured things out and moved the story forward, but then the next day, it was a slog as we tidied details and struggled to figure out how to start the next scene. I wish sometimes Future Me would appear and give me the finished story.

However, it’s been a decade of writing these characters, and once this book is done, we’ll soon be saying goodbye to them. I can’t help but feel nostalgic. The Shepherd & Wolfe series has taught us much about writing, publishing, and working together, and I want to savor these moments.

But I’m also excited about what’s around the corner. Angie and I want to try different stories, and because of that, we need to finish our work here and move on. I can’t wait for you to see what happens next.


I received a photo of Shepherd’s Call from a reader on holiday in the Dominican Republic. He’s been a long-time fan of our books but doesn’t read them until he’s on a beach.

He’s patient. I’ll give him that.

I think about the jousting parts of me—driven and patient. One part wants to give ‘er, and the other is cool with taking it easy.

However, one of the many lessons I’ve learned in this experience as a co-author is that both drive and patience matter at different times.

Sometimes, we hit the gas because we have to get the work done or because we have a fantastic story beat that we want to put down. Sometimes, we slow down and take smaller steps to problem-solve something in our novel. And sometimes, we need to take a break from writing because we are busy with life.

When we first started the series, I sometimes felt frustrated with the pace of the work. But now, as we reach the end, I’m good with the day-to-day because I’ve grown to embrace it.

We’ll finish soon enough and move on to creating new stories and worlds (my favorite part of writing). But until then, I’ll be patient and enjoy the moment because I know I’ll miss our two boy detectives once we’re done.

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey.